How to check Lowes schedule

Lowes is a home decor brand that is based in America. Lowes produces premium quality products of enormous household appliances. The company has its business all over the world and its retail stores in different parts of America such as Canada, America, and Mexico.

How to check Lowes schedule

According to the record of November 2018, the Lowes hits more than 2000 stores with 310,000 employees. The subsidiaries of Lowes are listed as Central Wholesalers, Inc, Maintenance Supply, Headquarter, Orchard supply hardware, Rona. It is the 2nd largest hardware chain in united states and also in the world.

Lowes is basically the focuses on the home improvement company but they also provide some products which are used in our day to day life. As it is public-oriented company customers satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of a company.

Business schedule of Lowes:

The store service is available during span of 06.00 am every morning till 10.00 pm. The same scheduled is from Monday to Saturday while eon Sunday, the store opens on 8.00 am and closes on 8.00 pm.

If you want to visit store for shopping of home improvements things then you have to visit store within above discussed schedule.

The employees of store working in three shifts of a day. each shift is about 8 hrs. of working. The first and second shift is mostly preferred by associates because first shift occurred on morning, and afternoon- evening is given for second shift. During these shifts, work running regularly. But during nightshift, the working is not easy.


A human resource portal which save whole information about current and previous employees of store. It is best media if any current employer wants to connect with former employee.

You are able to access following information through this page –

  1. Employee benefits.
  2. COBRA benefits.
  3. Payroll information.
  4. Work Schedule.
  5. Retirement services.
  6. Job vacancies.

How to check Lowes schedule:

Each employee is able to check daily updated working hours and holiday hours of store service by using following steps –

  1. Firstly, you have to visit ‘Welcome to My Lowe’s Life’.
  2. You have to sign in on this official page of Lowes.
  3. During the joining period, a valid Employee Id and password is given for every employee.
  4. You have to type Id and password, then you can sign in for this website.
  5. Now you are able to see whole information about your working in store.

By login in this page, employee is bale to get information about the working hours or shift scheduled on the next week or beyond.

New Lowes scheduling system:

Recently, Lowe’s team introduced a new schedule system which ensures adequately staffed of store serve well to visited customers.

The shift of every employee is varying from week to week.  After a week of working, one holiday is given per employee. Shift hours are flexible, you can request manager of store and rescheduled your shift hours.

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The Lowes store is closed on Thanks giving day and Christmas day. On holiday, the working hours’ time is different for each Lowes store as per the location of store. on the festive days, store teams give 40% per product.